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Gift cards that work across Lightspeed X-Series and Shopify

Updated: Jun 26

Question: We currently use Shopify and Lightspeed Retail POS (Lightspeed X-Series). Is there a way our gift cards can be bought on Shopify and used in Lightspeed and vice versa?

Answer: At Wrapped, this is exactly why we developed a gift card solution that works effortlessly across Lightspeed X-Series (formerly Vend) and Shopify eCommerce platforms, providing a unified solution for both in-store and online gift card purchases and redemptions. Using Wrapped to power your gift cards, you can sync balances across systems, meaning you can sell and accept gift cards that work wherever customers shop with you.

Wrapped integrates with the native Shopify and Lightspeed X-Series gift cards, so everything works as expected:

Selling and accepting gift cards in Lightspeed X-Series Retail POS:

  • When a customer buys a physical or digital gift card in-store via Lightspeed Retail POS, the balance is also created as a gift card in Shopify under the same gift card code.

  • To accept a gift card as payment in Lightspeed X-Series, select the gift card payment type and scan/type in the gift card code. On completion of the sale, the balance is updated in Lightspeed and Shopify.

Selling and accepting gift cards in Shopify:

When a customer buys a gift card online, Wrapped generates the gift card code in Shopify and Lightspeed X-Series.

There are two options for selling gift cards online:

  • Via the Shopify product page: Gift cards are ordered through the normal Shopify checkout process and the customer receives the gift card via email. They can then gift the gift card to the recipient.

  • Via the Wrapped storefront embedded on Shopify: Gifting personalization is done at the time of the order and payment is processed directly into your connected Stripe account.

  • Customers use the gift card code online by entering it in the code bar at checkout. The balance is then updated in Lightspeed and Shopify.

As well as the integration with Lightspeed X-Series and Shopify, Wrapped has everything you need in a gift card solution:

  • Fully-branded gift card experience

  • Supports both physical and digital gift cards

  • Send digital gift cards via customizable emails

  • Deliver a premium gifting experience with themed gift card options, video, and message personalization, and scheduling.

  • Full liability reporting

  • and more - learn more about Wrapped Gift Cards

If you want to see Wrapped in action or have questions, book a time for an online call here, or to get started, create your free trial here.


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