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Nodo is using Wrapped to resolve gift card friction for customers and staff


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Nodo is an Australian brand renowned for its gluten-free, ‘baked not fried’ donuts, delicious all-day menu, and at home pantry mix products. At Nodo, they are all about spreading happiness through beautiful baked goods and that’s why a top-notch customer experience across everything they do is so important. With nine locations across Australia, online and mobile ordering, the inability to use gift cards seamlessly across platforms was a pain point for both customers and staff. Nodo needed a unified solution to streamline gift card operations across all their sales channels.

Nodo's gift cards have always been a popular choice amongst people with a healthy obsession for wholesome food. However, the inability to use gift cards across all sales channels created friction with customers.

“It would be a constant issue that a customer would come in store with a digital gift card and not be able to use it, or vice versa.” Rhys Crowley, CEO

Nodo's staff members shared in the frustration.

“Staff usually were unable to help customers fix the problem in a quick manner. Traditionally staff would have to void the old balance and create a new liability for someone that wanted to transfer a gift card’s purchasing ability, which was slow clunky, and inefficient.”  Rhys Crowley, CEO

“We love Wrapped”

After only a few months of using Wrapped to run Nodo’s gift cards, they’ve already seen great benefits for their business and received nothing but positive feedback from customers and staff.

“We love wrapped. The omnichannel gift card experience is so smooth and the whole system has significantly lifted our digital experience at Nodo.”  Rhys Crowley, CEO
  • The customer experience is vastly superior

  • Transferring all our existing cards onto the platform means that we have fixed the problem for our existing gift card holders too

  • Our accounting team loves the tracking & reporting functionality of the backend

  • We can also now issue digital gift cards in an instant, perfect for compensation, rewards, or incentives for our staff, our clients, and our customers

  • Redemption has already increased by 30% compared to the same previous period

How Nodo uses Wrapped

Nodo has their Lightspeed, Shopify, and Bopple platforms synced to Wrapped, so customers can purchase gift cards following the processes staff are already used to. In-store customers are given physical gift cards that are quickly scanned at POS to activate. They also have the option to be added to the sale to receive the digital version. Online, via Shopify product pages, customers can choose to purchase a digital gift card or a physical one (which is then shipped to the recipient). Customers can then spend their gift card balances in-store, online, and via Nodo’s mobile ordering app powered by Bopple.

Nodo has created a beautifully branded digital experience, customizing their gift card emails, Apple/Android Wallet cards, and their gifting page, as well as turning on video messaging so customers can record a personalized message for their recipient.

“This personalized touch when gifting the Nodo cards adds another level of sophistication whilst still being fun.”  Rhys Crowley, CEO
“We now feel confident in actively marketing our gift cards for the first time, so let’s see what 2024 brings.”  Rhys Crowley, CEO

With plans to extend their gift card adoption even further into digital promotion, partnerships, and staff and customer recognition, we are excited to see how Nodo can use gift cards to continue to grow the brand’s success.

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