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Mr. Pickles enhances their customer experience with their digital gift card storefront


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Wrapped Online Storefront


Mr. Pickles, a popular casual bar and eatery in New Zealand, is known for its great food, beverages, and memorable experiences. The classy venue, set alongside a picturesque river, makes for the perfect date spot, but they also inject a bit of fun into their brand with pickle jar-themed illustrations.

Mr. Pickles gift cards have always been a popular choice amongst locals, as a dining experience at the local hotspot makes for a great gift. They previously could only offer physical gift cards in-venue. People were always asking to buy gift cards online as they wanted them instantly but didn’t want to come in. Staff were often doing workarounds to send physical gift cards out when customers requested.

“Our previous gift cards were hard to manage as people wanted instant gift cards and we were having to post out physical copies so they didn't have to come into our venue. We needed a solution that was online-based and also integrated into Lightspeed.” Mia Austin, Assistant Manager

They needed an online gift card solution that integrated seamlessly with their point of sale, so they could offer gift cards with the ability to be bought both in-venue and online at their customers' convenience and delivered instantly. This made Wrapped the perfect fit.

While still supporting physical gift cards bought in-venue, now Mr. Pickles can offer:

  • The option to receive a digital gift card in-venue, as well as physical

  • Digital gift cards, available on the Mr. Pickles website via the Wrapped storefront

  • Instant delivery of gift cards via email

  • The ability to add gift cards to Apple Wallet and Android Wallet

How Mr. Pickles uses Wrapped

Mr. Pickles has added a ‘buy vouchers’ link to their website nav that takes customers to their gift card storefront, powered by Wrapped. Here customers can choose their gift card value, send it to themselves, or schedule it to send to a friend, along with a personal message. Customers then complete their gift card order with payment directed straight into Mr. Pickles’ Stripe account.

They’ve also customized their gift card emails and Apple/Android Wallet cards to combine imagery of their chic venue with their fun pickle jar-themed illustrations.

With all this now in place, the Mr. Pickles team is saving valuable time, with no more headaches trying to get gift cards out to customers. Bringing their gift cards into the digital world to align with the sophistication of their brand in all other aspects has already paid off.

“Wrapped reduces demand on the management team and makes our lives a lot easier” Mia Austin, Assistant Manager

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