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Alpha60 is using Wrapped to deliver the gift card experience they always wanted



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ALPHA60 has famously woven itself into the fabric of Australian fashion through a fresh take on classic styles and cuts, and a celebrated ‘sophisticated quirk.’ With eight locations and an eCommerce presence across Australia and New Zealand, they faced a common challenge of bridging the gap between their Shopify-based online store and their Lightspeed-powered brick-and-mortar locations when it came to gift cards.

Everything about Alpha60's stores oozes sophistication and shopping with them is an experience in itself. When it came to gift cards, they needed a customer experience to match. Their old gift card system was causing confusion among customers. “Customers couldn’t understand why they could only use a gift card on the platform it was bought”, which caused significant hassle for their staff.

“Our staff were well and truly done with our old gift cards. There was so much manual work in transferring gift cards from one platform to another. In busy periods this would really slow down our point of sale.” - Kelvin Janissen, Operations Controller

Alpha60 needed a new solution that would streamline the gift card process across in-store and online, and enhance their customer experience.

“We had been waiting for a long time for a solution and finally we found Wrapped!”

Alpha60 found the perfect solution in Wrapped, just in time for the holiday shopping rush. They were excited to go into the sale period with confidence gift vouchers work well across both platforms with no more cumbersome workarounds or difficult conversations with customers.

“I love being able to easily issue gift cards, knowing I don’t need to specify to customers that they can only shop online or in-store. It is much more simple for everyone to understand.” - Kelvin Janissen, Operations Controller

How Alpha60 uses Wrapped

Alpha60 has their Lightspeed and Shopify platforms synced to Wrapped, so customers can purchase gift cards following the processes staff are already used to. In store customers are given physical gift cards with the option to receive the digital version. Online, via Shopify product pages, customers can purchase a digital gift card which they instantly receive by email.

As with all retail brands, Alpha60 has to manage returns. They are now able to easily issue gift cards for in-store returns and through their Shopify returns process with Wrapped. This keeps the sales revenue on the books and records it as a liability for accounting records.

Email marketing is a huge part of the brand's marketing strategy, so they wanted to keep gift card emails in Klaviyo for the purpose of consistency and to have their email performance analytics all in one place. Alpha60 chose to turn off the gift card emails in Wrapped, and connect Klaviyo to power their gift card emails.

We can’t wait to see how Alpha60 promotes its new omni-channel gift cards as they continue to grow the iconic fashion label’s success.

“We are now excited to promote our gift cards whereas before they were so clunky we didn’t want to draw any attention to them.” - Kelvin Janissen, Operations Controller

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