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Gift cards that work across Lightspeed and online

Sell and accept gift cards across Lightspeed, eCommerce and mobile ordering platforms.

digital gift card
Sell and accept gift cards in-store and online

Offer customers the convenience they expect with physical and digital gift cards that deliver a delightful gifting experience. 

sync icon
 Sync gift cards in real time between Lightspeed and online

Keep balances up-to-date across Lightspeed and eCommerce, so recipients can only spend credit they have.

A better experience on both sides of the counter

Put an end to time-consuming work-arounds and difficult conversations. Delight customers with the experience they expect.

A gift card solution built for omnichannel brands

Streamline gift card purchase and payment

Seamlessly built-in to the native Lightspeed gift card processes, buying and accepting gift cards is hassle free. Balances are updated across systems in real-time, so you can have confidence wherever gift card credit is used. See all integrations.


Offer a delightful gift card experience

Fully-branded gift card experience

Supports both physical and digital gift cards

Send digital gift cards via customizable emails

Deliver a premium gifting experience with themed gift card options, video and message personalization and scheduling.

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Get started

Get Wrapped today and deliver a delightful gift card experience that customers expect, leading to happy returning customers and more sales.
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